What are your Hobbies


As far back as I can remember I’ve been into photography. Back in the 60s and 70s I use a Bell & Howell 8 mm camera, like everybody uses their cell phone to do videos today. While in college I used in Ampex 2000 series 1 inch reel to reel analog video recorder. Before digital cameras I had a 35MM SLR Nikon and a portable dark room. For you young people, what is a dark room?
Today Video-Photography and expanding my education, learning new things. My favorite saying is "I didn't know that."I enjoy online classes, I know it's bragging, I've Audited online courses at Harvard, Yale, MIT, and other prestigious colleges. My latest endeavor is into music video production.



Bad Boy Boogie
Too Much Loving
Blood in My Alcohol

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